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New Kind of Treadmill

Become More Fit Than You Thought Possible

Whether a professional athlete or someone who just likes to workout and feel your best, the Ice Hockey Treadmill packs a punch to any fitness challenge.

Bored with aerobics classes or running and weights?
Fitness facilities, professional athletes and developments are investing in the Ice Hockey Treadmill, a skating machine that works forward, backward and side-to-side movement as if you are on ice.

Professional athletes use the Ice Hockey Treadmill also formerly known as Endless Ice to stay fit and improve their fitness level beyond what normal sprints and weight training.

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About Our Company

Learn About Our Company

Ice Hockey Treadmill is a product sold by Saskpro Hockey and Athlete Development, Inc, founded in 2009.  The company is located in Canada and is led by Evan Lindsay, a former professional hockey player.

ice hockey treadmill sales, evan lindsay, hockey players in canadaLindsay played hockey professionally for 7 years from 2002 to 2007 in the National Hockey League with the Montreal Canadian Farm System, the Florida Everblades and then finished his career in  Europe on tour.

One of Lindsay’s connections to the Florida Everblades introduced him to the Ice Hockey Treadmill after recommending Evan use it.

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Hockey Fitness

Hockey – More Than Fitness

Hockey is the perfect sport for strengthening the core, arms and legs as well as your back. So what better way to get fit than on the Ice Hockey Treadmill?

The Ice Hockey Treadmill brings the ice to you in the form of a machine. It is the best no-impact exercise.

Not every town or city has an ice rink, and the Ice Hockey Treadmill gives everyone the ability to train like a professional hockey player whether you are or not.

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A no-impact, safe way to train your body to be the best - Ice Hockey Treadmill.

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